What triggers your IBS?

IBSIBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be a very uncomfortable condition. It can leave people suffering with painful constipation and bloating or diarrhoea. Sadly, it can be a difficult condition to treat because people can have different triggers. That is why it is a good idea to work with a nutritionist. Principal Nutrition can support you and offer lots of useful advice about diet, eliminating triggers, and more.

Triggers for constipation

People with IBS may find their constipation is worse after eating certain breads and cereals (usually those with refined grains), dairy, and processed food. A high protein diet may also be much harder on your digestive system.

Triggers for diarrhoea

A number of different things can result in an uncomfortable dash to the toilet if you have IBS. For example, too much fibre, fried foods, dairy, and carbonated drinks can all be a trigger. Eating large meals can also cause problems. If you have an allergy or intolerance, that can also cause it.

Stress and anxiety

It is not just food and drink that can trigger your IBS. Some people find their symptoms get worse when they feel anxious or stressed. This could be because of problems at work or in your personal life.


There are also cases where people experience IBS flare ups because of other medication they are taking. For example, antibiotics and some anti-depressants can cause it. Some medicines that contain sorbitol can trigger symptoms too.

Other things that could trigger IBS

A number of other things could be triggering your condition. For example, some people find chewing gum, eating while working or driving, or eating too fast can cause symptoms. Not exercising enough can also make conditions worse.

Talk to a nutritionist

If you suffer from IBS, Principal Nutrition would love to help you manage it. Contact us today and we can help you to choose diet and lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of life.