What Is Functional Medicine?

What is functional medicine

What Is Functional Medicine

“Functional medicine is a science-based, personalized healthcare approach that assesses and [addresses] underlying causes of illness through individually-tailored therapies to restore health and improve function”

– Dr Mark Hyman



  • Each person is unique.
  • Everything in the body/system is interconnected.
  • The body’s natural, default state is one of wellness.
  • Dis-ease precedes disease and is evidence of imbalance, blockage, and/or impairment in natural functioning.
  • The root cause and the complaint may be distant from one another (in the body, in time, in the biochemistry).
  • The collection of root causes of dis-ease in the body is unique for each person. Effective healthcare is customized for each person.
  • Wellness includes the entire client experience (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).
  • The client’s active participation and belief in their healing are central to their ability to get (and remain) well.
  • All modalities that bring greater balance, ease, and flow to the client are a key part of their unique healing journey and ongoing “health care”.


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