Terms And Conditions

How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

I offer a free 15-minute initial chat to discuss your issues and concerns. I will also reassure you of the effectiveness of Nutritional Therapy in helping with your particular health concern. Please note that no nutritional advice can be given in this initial complementary telephone call.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The (very) minimum amount of sessions in which we can realistically aim to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle is 3 sessions (each being one month apart). However, more may be required if you have complex health issues requiring numerous strategies.

How Often Do I See You?

You will usually see me once a month. This enables you to incorporate the recommendations into your diet/lifestyle before moving forward.

How Often Do I See You?

I can therefore off the first 3 sessions as a block-booking at the discounted price of £200. This is payable at the initial consultation. Single sessions costs are £75.

What Do The Costs Include?

The session cost covers the consultation time, research time and my experience. I advise you if any tests or supplements are recommended and the additional costs involved.

Email queries relating to what we have discussed in the previous session(s) is included in the price.

How Can I Pay?

I currently accept payment by cash, cheque, BACS and PayPal.

What Will Happen When I See You?

We both need to sign the BANT Term of Engagement at our initial session. BANT is the governing body for Nutrition Therapists and stipulate that we must do this before the session begins.

I need to have a completed health questionnaire returned to me with as much notice as possible before the initial consultation (preferably 3 days). This is to ensure that we both get maximum benefit from your sessions. If I do not receive this then it could meant that we spend the initial session going through the questionnaire. We would then deal with your health issues and recommendations to address these in the next session.

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