How does your history impact your health?

healthyOne of the cornerstones of functional medicine is that it looks at the history of each patient. The idea is that there could be a number of factors in the past that are causing the health concerns today. In fact, there may be several things that at first don’t appear to have any link to the current condition. However, on closer inspection they could be a cause or link to a root cause.


Practitioners of functional medicine spend time with people to talk about their history. This will include things like illnesses and injuries they may have had. It also looks at their lifestyle and factors here that could potentially be causing issues now.

The greatest thing about looking at the patient’s history and forming a timeline is it can put everything in chronological order. This can make it easier to find links between different things. As a result, it can help to tell the story of how the current condition developed. That knowledge can be very useful when creating a plan for addressing the problem.


This kind of approach can offer some great advantages over relying on medication. It is more personal, giving the practitioner and patient more time to talk and build a rapport.

In addition, it looks at the root causes of an issue rather than just treating the symptoms. Instead of relying on medicines, functional medicine promotes proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This can mean no issues with things like side effects. If you do take essential medication, you can still choose to adapt your diet and lifestyle; it will not interfere with it.

Talk to us about functional medicine

At Principal Nutrition we have a lot of experience with this approach to medicine. By exploring the patient’s history, we can get a better idea of their condition and needs. We can then offer a strategy to improve it. This will be evidence-based, considering the scientific research to make sure it is safe and beneficial.

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