How does functional medicine enhance cancer treatment?

cancerAccording to Cancer Research UK, in Britain someone is diagnosed with some form of cancer every two minutes. In addition, one in every two people born after 1960 will get the disease. The saddest thing is that around one in four cases could be preventable. Things like not smoking, not drinking alcohol, having a better diet, or wearing the right protective equipment at work could all help.

Luckily, research and cancer treatments are improving. The survival rate in the UK has doubled in just 40 years. The key to improving this even further is to continue researching and ensure people get the right treatment. One thing they can try is functional medicine.

What is it?

Functional medicine aims to identify and address the root causes of illness. It is systems-based and patient focused, providing a unique plan for each person. As a result it can effectively help people to make important lifestyle changes.

How does it work with cancer treatment?

Conventional treatments will usually look at the cancer itself. The goal will be to find and diagnose it, then remove it from the body or address the growth and spread. However, this alone does not treat the cause. This is where functional medicine can come in.

The aim with FM is to work closely with the individual patient to find and then correct the things that could be causing the cancer. It could be that they need to change their lifestyle, behaviour, and diet. Things like better weight management and eating the right foods can reduce cancer risk.

Talk to us about FM and cancer treatment

Principal Nutrition works hard to offer personalised nutrition therapy and support for people who suffer from any form of cancer. We can provide evidence-based dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental recommendations to support treatment. As a result, it can improve the effectiveness of treatments and minimise the side effects.

Our help can also be useful for prevention. You will get advice from a true professional who is a member of BANT, ensuring you get safe, reliable treatment.

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