Does it make sense to vaccinate those who have had covid?

Something that I’ve been really confused about for a while is why people who have already had CoVid are still getting vaccinated?

covidWhen we are infected with any bacteria/virus our immune system sets off an attack response against that pathogen. The first line of defence are the ‘general soldiers’ – these can be compared to Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens in that they’ll kill anything without question. While they’re fighting the front line battle to keep us alive, the more intelligent immune cells have grabbed parts of the pathogen from the battlefield, ripped it apart to find out how it ticks and then made ‘smart bombs’ (antibodies) against that very thing. This obviously takes a little bit more time than just blowing something up, but it provides an intelligent response than creates less damage than the Aliens do and will remain with us for a much longer time (in some cases, for life).

I have asked people who’ve had CoVid why they are then going to get the double-jab and the response was “It can’t hurt”, but this very interesting article argues that it could actually be counterproductive to what the campaign is trying to achieve.