Could CoVid-19 be evolution?

Is the CoVid-19 threat evolution in progress?

Mother Nature can be beautiful and nurturing but (like all mothers) she won’t hesitate to bring us harshly into line if needed.  Could CoVid-19 be Darwinism in action – an attempt to prune, train and strengthen us in the long-term?

CoVid-19My first suspicions that CoVid-19 may actually be evolution in progress were stirred way back in January/February when the virus first broke out.  It seemed to be targeting the old, the sick, the vulnerable.  I couldn’t help thinking of Charles Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’.  It was almost as if someone were intentionally pruning the most defenceless from our society.  (There are theories circulating that this isn’t Mother Nature but governments and even terrorists, by the way.)

But, pruning aside, how else could evolution be at work here?  The human genome is actually 8% known retroviruses (and who knows how many other retroviruses that we haven’t discovered yet).  So previous viruses have merged with our own DNA and formed what you see and live in today.

At first thought, this might create and “Eeeewww!” moment, but it can also have its advantages.  10% of the European population are immune to the HIV infection.  This isn’t through pure chance.  This is because these are descendants (and therefore ‘genetically modified’) from survivors of the Black Death plague of around 1347.

Are we receiving a ‘memo’ from Mother Nature telling us to stop what we’re doing, take a good look at ourselves and turn it around?  Think global warming, deforestation, pollution.  Or perhaps the emphasis is with our own health.  If nothing else, CoVid-19 has highlighted how unhealthy we are as a nation.  Alternatively, we could be moving another step up the evolutionary stairway….

The number of people who have been ill or died from the CoVid-19 virus is heart-breaking and in no way is this article meant to demean that.  My heartfelt and sincere loving thoughts go to those individuals and their families.