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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward: “respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.”

I originally started training to do this job because I wanted to help people.  I’m now doing that and I love it.  The sad reality of life is that I need to pay my bills, rent, etc.  This means that I need to be paid for my services.


A Facebook post by a local charity, Nite Light CIC, caught my eye:

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Does a Western Diet make autoimmune diseases worse?

autoimmuneThe right diet can have a good impact on your health and wellbeing. However, eating the wrong foods can have the opposite effect. A number of studies are looking specifically at the Western Diet and whether it is a promoter of autoimmune diseases. While there is no definitive association between the two, there are plenty of signs that there are links. Continue reading

Could CoVid-19 be evolution?

Is the CoVid-19 threat evolution in progress?

Mother Nature can be beautiful and nurturing but (like all mothers) she won’t hesitate to bring us harshly into line if needed.  Could CoVid-19 be Darwinism in action – an attempt to prune, train and strengthen us in the long-term? Continue reading

How does your history impact your health?

healthyOne of the cornerstones of functional medicine is that it looks at the history of each patient. The idea is that there could be a number of factors in the past that are causing the health concerns today. In fact, there may be several things that at first don’t appear to have any link to the current condition. However, on closer inspection they could be a cause or link to a root cause. Continue reading

What triggers your IBS?

IBSIBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be a very uncomfortable condition. It can leave people suffering with painful constipation and bloating or diarrhoea. Sadly, it can be a difficult condition to treat because people can have different triggers. That is why it is a good idea to work with a nutritionist. Principal Nutrition can support you and offer lots of useful advice about diet, eliminating triggers, and more. Continue reading