Monthly Archives: November 2020

Should you take a daily multivitamin?

A daily multivitamin capsule is sometimes considered an optional extra – but recent research on UK women (and men will probably be no better off) suggests that they are at serious health risks from low nutrient intake.

They found that a significant proportion of UK women of all ages have “disturbingly low” levels of folate and vitamin D intakes.  They also had levels below the Lower Reference Intake (that’s the absolute bare minimum required to keep standing) for: Continue reading

Does a Western Diet make autoimmune diseases worse?

The right diet can have a good impact on your health and wellbeing. However, eating the wrong foods can have the opposite effect. A number of studies are looking specifically at the Western Diet and whether it is a promoter of autoimmune diseases. While there is no definitive association between the two, there are plenty of signs that there are links. Continue reading